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Wood Cutting | MDF | Wrapped Moulding Saw Blades for Pistorius Saws

Wood Cutting | MDF | Wrapped Moulding Saw Blades for Pistorius Saws

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Our 4+1 saw tooth design is perfectly engineered for all hard and soft wood mouldings - plus all composite materials - to produce a smooth, chip free edge. 

With foil wrapped mouldings, our unique sheer face design makes this an excellent blade of choice for cutting MDF materials.

Diameter: 12"   Kerf: 3   Plate: 2.4   Tooth Number: 100
Arbor: 5/8"   Grind: ATAFR   Machine: Pistorius

Diameter: 350mm   Kerf: 3.8   Plate: 3   Tooth Number: 100
Arbor: 30mm   Grind: ATAFR   Machine: Pistorius

Diameter: 400mm   Kerf: 3.8   Plate: 3   Tooth Number: 120
Arbor: 30mm   Grind: ATAFR   Machine: Pistorius

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